Monday, October 1, 2012

Fruit Flies Like A Banana....

It has been some time since I've updated all of Edwin's progress, though not for lack of trying. We spent so much time swimming, Edwin looked like a tiny Bruce Willis:

 Bryan got back from special training in Georgia, so we flew back home to Kansas after several weeks with Grandma Kim.A few more fun weeks were spent with Daddy going to the park, walking around up town, and renting movies before we had to pack up and leave the apartment to go back to Ohio. Bryan deployed September 20th, 2012 for his first 9-month deployment to Afghanistan.

We lived with 'Mum' & Papa (Edwin's names for Grandma Kim and Grandpa Mike) for a little while before getting our own house, but it was really fun going on all sorts of outings. Every day was a random adventure:


 Listening to Pink Floyd with Papa

 Gaming with MoMo (JM)

Discovering MoMo's old toys

 Becoming a mad genius, sorting ducks by size, color, and pattern...

....while still remaining essentially Edwin.
 And the start of all lovely Autumn fun!

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