Friday, November 30, 2012

This Is Halloween, This is Halloween...and Thanksgiving

The leaves begin to fall pretty quickly and early in Ohio, and Aunt Erin's new house has the most perfect grass for sweeping them into piles and great, almost pillowy leaves that hardly stab or poke when you dive in. Edwin and the new puppy "Dom" (Dominic) are great helpers....sort of.

We take a few trips to the Pumpkin Patch. Edwin likes it more this year because he can interact and walk around. There are so many new displays and evena giant field machine (unsure of what it is called) they can climb onto and take photos of. He never wants to get down, we have to have a taller man take him off of it. Crunch time for picking out/making a costume near the end of the month.

 It's tough picking among a dinosaur, construction worker, a shark, and many other very "boy" themed costumes. I decide on making him a Dr.Horrible from Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along-Blog. Not totally accurate, but we make due based on his small size and available materials. He doesn't seem to mind.

 (pay no attention to exorcist mommy eyes)

He makes out like a thief in candy, and even learns to say "Mwahaha!" and evilly rub his gloved hands together dramatically, increasing candy takings. He still does so anytime he has gloves on.

Thanksgiving is fun, we have dinner at the cousins houses two different days. We make all sorts of crafts, including his lovely turkey hat. As relaxing as it is, we still have to begin the holiday season decorating.

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