Monday, April 4, 2011

Month Three

Monday April 4th- Edwin is sleeping for 3-4 hours solid
each night. Edwin's baby shoe came in the mail today. We
got the official results from his 2nd hearing test back:

Tympanometry Summary:
Right Ear: Flat, no peak
Left Ear: Flat, no peak

DPOAE Evaluation:
Right Ear: The presence of significant otoacoustic emissions
(greater than or equal to 8 dB DP-NF) at some
frequencies, while absent at other frequencies when middle
ear status is normal suggests abnormal outer hair cell
function for only portions of the cochlea. This may be
consistent with at a least mild hearing loss at those
frequencies where emissions are absent.

Left Ear: The absence of significant otoacoustic emissions
(no emissions equal to or greater than 8 dB DP-NF) when
middle ear status is normal suggest abnormal outer hair cell function in the cochlea.
This may be consistent with at least mild hearing loss.

Summary: Today's test results are consistent with slight/mild,
conductive, hearing loss for the right ear and a moderate,
mixed hearing loss for the left ear.

Saturday, April 9th-
Edwin pulls himself forward and falls over. I guess he doesn't understand he's only 2 months old! He's drooling a lot lately, we think it's because he's teething, or pre-teething. He really soaks through clothing. He's talking and smiling with everyone now, especially men and small children. A little old man tickled his feet in the store one day, and lots of older people tell me about their grandchildren. He is King of the Grocery Store.

Monday, April 11th-
Edwin sucks his thumb with more coordination. He still gets his whole fist in his mouth, but when he does get only his thumb, he curls his little index finger around his nose. He is beginning to try to suck his thumb when he's sleeping. He virtually sleeps the whole night, though he does get very wiggly around 1am and doesn't settle down until 3 or 4am. He barely sleeps during the day. Talking to him and enforcing the 'M' sound seems to work, because he says 'momomom' but no 'ma' or 'da' yet.

Saturday, April 16th-
Edwin laughed for the first time today. Usually it was only in his sleep, but he gave a great giggle when Dad (grandpa Mike) was making facing and talking to him.

Tuesday April 26th-
My 20th birthday!
Edwin starts to try to consciously reach for objects. We hold his rattle or his stuffed duck just slightly within reach. He studies them for a while and then attempts to grab, but he always gets caught in trying to open his hand or caught on his other hand. He can do this for maybe a minute or two at a time. He's getting much better at laughing, and now laughs for Mom, G.Grandma, J.M. , and most anyone who will try. I don't know if he's actually ticklish yet, but when we 'tickle' him, he giggles.

Saturday, April 30th-
Edwin is 3months old! He weighs 15.5lbs & is around 24-25in long!