Thursday, January 3, 2013

Wright Patterson National Air Force Museum

Despite the frigid weather, we take an outing to the Air Force Museum at the invitation of Aunt Erin and Uncle Rusty. Edwin is very excited the whole time, though he's not allowed to run around too terribly much.

 There were lots of amazing and....'subtle' designs like this one.
 This giant plane took up nearly the entire hangar
 Pre-WWII  Army Planes
 Look Mommy! It's red!
 There were two cockpits to sit in and take photos, or takeoff, in Edwin's case.
 His favorite plane, he kept saying "Rawr!"
 He loved the rockets the best.
 He wanted to 'liberate' the models, there were hundreds!

 Space capsule

 It's da' bomb!(literally,an Intercontinental Ballistic Missile I think)

It was a super fun and very tiring afternoon, we shall have to go again to see even more wonderful history.