Thursday, September 29, 2011

Month Eight

Most of this month was spent playing in leaf piles and picking pumpkins. Edwin seems determined to
pull up to and eat everything. We start planning his Halloween costume already. Bryan and I toss ideas back and forth. I say a dragon or a Gabba friend (his new favorite show) Bryan think Toby from Labyrinth might be fun, but no one will know who that is without a Sarah and Jareth to accompany him. We won't be here for Trick-or-Treat night though. Bryan will be graduating from BCT October 28th. I'm just excited about the cooler weather. Edwin is so pale, the sun will fry his little head in minutes. His hair isn't much longer or darker, to no one's surprise. Aunt Michelle brings the kids and we all go to the pumpkin patch first on a rainy day, then again with everyone in tow. Her new favorite thing to make is waffles, so we spend one Sunday morning making homemade waffles and keeping Edwin out of the kitchen. That little boy will eat anything and everything. I wonder when he'll finally decide he's tired of this crawling nonsense and walk away. It should be soon.

This sweet face....I feel awful that Bryan is missing many of the 'firsts' but I suppose he'll have the fun of getting him after he's mastered basic coordination.

At the end of the month it gets harder and harder to pick Edwin up, he must be at least 23-24lbs.