Wednesday, August 1, 2012

The Aquarium Adventure: Newport & Cinncinati

The trip to Newport on the Levy and Newport Aquarium is awesome! We walk around exploring the shops, and even walk across the bridge to visit Reds Stadium, but nothing compares to the Aquarium itself. It's hard to describe the whole day, so the photos will do most of the talking.


 Aunt Erin took some great photos

Hello,little fishies!

 The glass floor scared him a little until he saw fish swim under.

 Mighty Mike could eat Edwin in two bites!

See? Not much bigger than a hatchling.
We could "pet" the sharks, Edwin touched 2-3 of them.


 Tide pool exploration station, touching a horseshoe crab.

 Shark Theater, literally.A fake movie screen tank filled with them.

 These tunnels are the coolest part.
Tag! You're it!

At the Penguin Encounter, Edwin and another group of small kids got the penguins to swim as they ran along the glass. It was very noisy, and wonderful to see them all having such a great time, laughing and leaping.

 "I love you penguin"

 Thanks for an amazing time Aunt Erin!

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