Friday, July 27, 2012

MONTH 13-17/Part 1


I'm discovering doing bulk months might be the easiest way to document much of what has happened. We've been shuffling so much around the country there's not really been time to just sit and write things down. Thus far Edwin has/can:

Says 'No'- December 2011/January 2012
Eight Teeth- January/February 2012
First word "Dance"- February 2012
Shakes head 'Yes'- March 8th 2012
7 teeth-May 2012
20 teeth- July 2012
Says 'Eddie'-July 22nd 2012

He  has 25 words & noises as of now and they are:
*Mum (Grandma)
*Sleeping noises

He supplements these with all sorts of jabbering. He's got a rotten streak a mile wide and he will try to get away with anything he can manage. He 'laughs' at people so terribly fakely and he takes every opportunity to wack people with sticks as swords.


Bryan has been home sporadically, he had a short break before going to our first duty station. We went to the Toledo Zoo:

 He thought the birds at the aviary were funny...

The Penguins were noisy...

..So were the monkeys!

 He liked the children's center, and wore daddy out!

The baby tigers wanted to play!

The statues didn't bite luckily..

Bryan headed off to his base and the we found things to keep busy as the weather warmed up...

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