Friday, July 27, 2012

MONTHS 13-17/Part 2


Finally the weather decided to snap out of being dreary and wet. Easter turned out to be quite warm and Edwin got very sweaty in his ducky outfit very quickly.

Here Comes the Bride

Aunt Sara got married May 5th. Mommy and Aunt Erin were  bridesmaids and Edwin got to run around with lots of other little people from Uncle Wes' family. It was a Carnival wedding which meant lots of games and fun.

Wocka-wocka :P

"What is Aunt Erin doing to her head?"

The 'candy dots' cake

He wasn't happy about the photobooth moustaches

Every color of the rainbow (I'm in red)

The rest of the summer proved to be super hot. The only consolation is the cooler mornings we learned to take advantage of. Edwin played in his very first sandbox.

'Ain't it the truth...'


Edwin's 'Flower Garden'

"Pbbbbttt!" (blowing on them to make them spin)


Sandbox & Sun

Edwin's bus

Sand decidedly does not taste very pleasant
First Sandbox

The scope of Edwin Land

 He figured out how to 'start' the mower


We moved to Kansas at the end of May to our first Base. Edwin missed everyone very much but we'd be back to visit...

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