Thursday, May 10, 2012

The Times, They Are a' (Diaper) Changing

Wow. I cannot have possibly shot through 8 months without posting. Seems very strange, but at least I have a little more free time now. Way too many things have gone on since, so  a shortlist rounding out the first year is the best way of slogging through:

Edwin began to try walking the first day he hit 9 months, then decided against it. He took three huge steps in Grandma Carol's living room, right to me. He spent the next week taking a few more steps here and there, but stopped abruptly.  The second week of 10 months he took his first consistent steps and has been running, literally running, as fast as his fat little legs can carry him ever since.

Bryan graduated from BCT at the end of October. It was rough having only letters to communicate with, but at least we'll have mementos for the future. He's so tanned and lean from the Carolina sun, it's strange.He's in the best health, but the worst sleep of his life, so he's this zombie with great skin. Edwin seemed very happy to see him.

He left for AIT the next day after graduation. We were not very sure when we'd seem him again, though it turns out he graduated AIT in March.

 Ta-Da! He's in there somewhere

Hi Daddy!

He had his first Halloween. We made him a dragon costume, though he looked more like a Ninja Turtle so that's what I stuck with at times. We missed Trick-or-Treat night, so we had a very delayed costume day for Edwin. I doubt he cared.
He REALLY REALLY likes meat. Like so much, it's scary; I'm at risk of losing a finger sometimes in the path to his many tiny, sharp teeth. Thanksgiving was a field of death for my hands.He feeds himself with a spoon or fork, sometimes even managing to get food into his mouth.


Christmas was ridiculously as eventful as one would expect. Bryan got to come home from AIT! Edwin played...outside (we did not have much snow) and was a very happy and excitable little bugger.We finally got some snow closer to January.

Oh...and also.......

                     . ........................... We got married :)


And those are updates through to the first of the year... phew! :)

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