Sunday, July 31, 2011

Month Six

We spent most of the month at Grandma Pam's, so once more fewer exact dates.
July 14th-
We arrive up north, but with little gas we stay the night at Grandpa Barger's. Edwin enjoys a morning of acoustic guitar & playtime with Grandpa. He swings in a hammock for the first time & we makes plans to go swimming later that week.
July 17th-
We go swimming at the Portage Quarry. It looks scary at first, but actually turns out quite pleasant with lots of slides, & scuba diving.

Most of the rest of the month is spent indoors as the heat becomes steadily more oppressive. We spend the time playing with his new toys from Grandpa, planning out dinners, or taking naps. The teething also becomes worse, & actually interrupts his (& consequently, our) sleep. He stays awake until 12:00-1:00 & then wakes every hour or so. He finally is fully awake by 8:30 each morning. He also has a new trick. He likes to wave his arms like a frantic, fat little cheerleader whenever he is excited or upset.
Aunt Joy & Uncle Brian come to visit, & they bring him new diapers & toys, & a blanket. He & the cats have a tenuous relationship, & Zipper bites him on his arm, though he doesn't cry. There is a small tooth mark for a week after. His crawling abilities get much better, though sometimes it seems he's regressed completely when he refuses to go after toys placed just out of his reach.
We eventually have to go back home for our appointments, but luckily the weather takes a turn for the better toward the very end, cooling off very nicely for the drive home.
Saturday July 31st-
Edwin is 6 months old. He weighs 20.5 lbs, & is 19.7 in.

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