Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Month Seven

Friday August 5th-

Bryan leaves after spending a last few days with us. We have our family photos taken this week, & then he leaves today. He will be leaving for basic on the 16th.

Sunday August 7th-
This week, Edwin has decided to start pulling himself up onto furniture. I guess no one gave him the memo that he is still just barely into 6 months old. He's 'practicing' all the time, & refuses to sit still for any length of time. It's always either him pulling up or crawling very quickly away.

Wednesday August 10th-
Crawling finally evolves from simply pulling himself along with his arms, to full hands & knees coordination. He picks up speed & can galumph from one end of a room to the other in around5-7 seconds. As a side effect, his knees become rougher, and he obtains new bumps & bruises from his rough play.

Tuesday August 16th-
We took him to the Care-A-Van for his first shots since the hospital. There was one other baby, a little girl about his age also getting her shots. It sounds conceited, but in compare to other babies, he really is very alert & intelligent. He seems perfectly fine with the whole business until, of course, he actually gets his shots. Two in his right leg, one in his left. He cries & cries, even though he has a grape lollipop to suck on. He then naps off the 'trauma'.

August 18th-
Although he has been trying a few nonsense syllables, he says "dada" for the first time today. He uses it with increasing enthusiasm, & eventuallybeings "mama" when he's upset. Lucky Bryan gets to be the 'fun' word. I wonder when he'll connect the person to the word

*Being six months almost seven means more solids!*

Favorite Food:

Sweet Potato
Potatoes with Gravy
Sweet Corn Casserole
Sweet Peas
Cereal with Pear Juice
Apple Raspberry Juice
Tartar Sauce
Peanut Butter

Least Favorite:

Green Beans
White Grape Juice
Garden Vegetables

Saturday August 27th-

Aunt Erin gets married, & Edwin is the ring bearer. He wears a bow-tie, shorts & a onesie.

He behaves very well, & is a perfect little gentleman (minus the spit).

Tuesday August 30th-

Edwin is seven months old. He weighs 22 lbs & is 20.2 in long. Bryan is at basic, & we receive his first letters.

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