Thursday, June 30, 2011

Month Five

June 2011-
We spent most of the month visiting Bryan's mother up north, so there are no concise dates for very much. Edwin swam in a pool for the first time, to mixed results. He loved the pool, but hated sitting in his inflatable airplane Pam so graciously bought. He still proves to be a water baby as anytime he's in a pool he kicks as though he's a natural swimmer. He also had his first bonfire, and was mystified into a pleasant slumber that first night. Every time thereafter, however, he made a point to stay awake with the 'big people' as long as his little eyes could stand. The summer heat is absolutely abominable for the next week, but eases off when we finally head back south. We enjoy a long walk through the park, some trips out and around randomly, but the fuel prices keep us close to home. He adores swinging in the park, and he wakes daddy up to play as often as possible. They are so adorable together it's practically nauseating. For his first Father's day Bryan gets a drool covered , smushed flower and a loud wakeup from his adoring moist son :)
Tuesday, June 21st-
Edwin begins 'creeping' across the floor. He's learned if he wiggles enough and pulls with his arms he can propel himself toward whatever object he is after at the time. He starts off very tentatively, but soon rockets at items with great gusto and we expect he may crawl full time in the next 2-3 weeks. He manages everything through sheer power it's astounding. He has all new clothing because of his size. He only fits in 6months and up. He has wonderfully chubby legs, but he's also very long so he's not a total square blob. He's so active and strong I marvel at what his future may be.
Tuesday, June 30th-
Edwin is 5 months, 19.5lbs, 28in! Bryan is 21 years, 170-80lbs and 72in! :P

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