Monday, May 30, 2011

Month Four

Monday, May 2nd -

Edwin has his follow-up hearing appointment with the ENT. I'm nervous about what the results of the re-check in their office will show. The doctor comes back to tell us. He is very cordial and professional, though his first words are " You two don't see much sunlight, do you?"Making a few good natured jokes about the paleness of Edwin and I. He then gives us the news of Edwin's tests:

His ears are fine!

He has no sign of any structural anomalies or even the slightest indication of fluid or waxy build-up. We're due for another check in July.

Sunday, May 8th-
Our First Mother's day. Edwin gives me the best gift: A restful night's sleep!

May 16th-18th
Bryan came on the 15th to a happy, squealing baby excited to see Daddy. The first day went well with the two of them playing all the time, & he ate applesauce, but by nightfall he was very upset. He barely slept, & he cried on & off non-stop for the next 3 days. We're thinking applesauce can wait a few more weeks.

Friday, May 20th-
Visit to OU today. We left very early & arrived home very late. We got to see practically all of our pals, though it was all very crowded for the stroller. Edwin was on his best behavior.

Week of May 29th-

Edwin rolls from his back to his front & back again. He now sleeps on his belly for part of the night. He is teething crazily, spitting & puking on everything we put him in. He slimes people's shirts like it's his job, & giggles much more easily. We're going to take him swimming as soon as the weather gets warmer. Since he loves his bath so much, we hope he'll like swimming just as much.

Monday, May 30th-

Edwin is 4 months old, weighs 17 lbs & is 26.5 in long. (aka the size of a 6 month old!)

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