Sunday, October 3, 2010

Once Upon a Time...

Any story that starts like that has got to be good, right? Ha, not always true. This has been for the most part, a blog about my observations of the people on my campus. Things have shifted directions.....drastically. Let's see, where shall I begin? I guess the best idea would be to list all my 'specs.' Here goes...

I'm 19 years old.

This is baby numero uno.

I'm at about 23-24 weeks (though they say 26, I think it's just the growth is so rapid.)

What else,what else?....oh yeah. I was a virgin when I got pregnant. Literally. Still 'intact' and all that jazz. Science is a funny thing.

[Har-har. I'm science....] 

Currently, I've been yanked out of my old university, stuck attending school at the community college, and I'm quite possibly as miserable and misdirected as can be.

The only thing keeping me from going absolutely ga-ga (as in insane, not dressing in leotards) is getting to talk to my wonderful and understanding boyfriend, and you, internet! :)

I think the best way to keep on top of things for now will be to record my thoughts in this blog, formerly employed to record my snarky and sarcastic observations of my *ugh*peers. No guarantee on it lacking any of the aformentioned sarcasm.

I'm certain, at any point various people who may be reading this will become alarmed at the tone I take on certain topics such as:

*Fun with various illnesses

*Fear and Loathing in La Familia

*Wonder what this food does....

And, my personal favorite,

* How late is too late for abortion?

So, regardless of your persuasions this is about me. This is mine all mine, the one thing I can complain to that doesn't try to give me advice or get personally offended. And, like most blogs, audience participation is encouraged!*cue laugh track*


.....but seriously, it would be nice every so often to get an opinion from someone who doesn't live in the same house. People get kind of testy after you empty their fridge for the third night in a row. You get the pleasure of an entertaining, hormonal, pregnant trainwreck without the burden of a massive food bill and a water logged couch after crying over puppy commercials(seriously, that's what they WANT you to do). 

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