Sunday, October 17, 2010

Cue Mood Swing #5,000,000,000

Do you know what's fun? Going back through old email accounts and web pages you had forgotten you created.  After searching through your memory, you foggily recover all the details to access your account.  Unlocking that password is like looking into a forgotten vault. The treasures of your past are all there, just a bit dusty, a bit rusty, and still as solid as ever.

Do you know what's painful? Going back through old email accounts and web pages you had forgotten you created. :(

I have such an internet attention deficit, it's a wonder I don't have more junk scattered throughout than I already do.

It is also a wonder that pregnancy brain, where I'm supposed to forget things, actually makes me remember more vividly all the past. The only difference I guess is the inability to form a coherent thought. At least for very long.

Sure, high school pretty much blows. Unless you have a stick-to-it group of friends who understand you and are just as wacked out as will be your savior :P

I think, the best parts of anything are the first year. Some may be inclined to disagree, but for me personally my best years were Freshman year of high school, Freshman year of college, the first year I did POTP, the first year in choir....all firsts. All untainted by the suckage of time.

You don't really think of your friends as having last names unless the name is part of a nickname or joke. All my college friends I know only by their last names.  But they're brand new. And they're all army friends, so the last name thing makes sense.

I almost cried when I realized I had forgotten my  old friend's last name. I had seen her only a year and a half ago.  We had graduated only a year and a half ago, nearly 2 years now.

I honestly forgot her last name. That is the strangest thing in the whole world. 

I feel so awful for it. I know we were all supposed to be long time buddies but now it's not like that at all. Not that I expected perfect communication, oh no. College was sure to erase some of the ties between us, but I don't want to forget them already. I can't forget their names.

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