Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Isn't this all kinds of fun? You know, I've been stalking, erm, browsing through several different blogs, and it's funny to think how few of the people who write them are my age. Most are 'media critics' or 'media professionals' who want a spiffy way to get noticed. Who are looking to seem 'with it', latching onto a way to network. You've got blogs about sports teams, cooking, Music, a helluva lot of Chinese/Spanish ones, and hundreds if not thousands of, you guessed it...blogs about blogs. Isn't that just Tropic Thunder-esque.(if you have no bloody clue what I'm talking about see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Story_within_a_story)

I find it kind of idiotic that some people get traffic and get their blog noticed by writing about what they're writing about. Kind of seems like it's cheating the system, like the way Jon Stewart thumbs his nose at mainstream media, and yet there he is, getting as much, if not more, recognition than most 'real' journalist.(Tangent FTW)

But I digress. I guess the whole point of going at these 'advanced communication distribution channels' (a.k.a the interwebz) is because people think they have something worth saying, something that people want to hear, need to hear, crave to know.

Spoiler Alert:
Not really.

Even I am not beyond recognizing this will more than likely be a futile attempt to keep track of...well, whatever nonsense I happen to spew from my filth orifice to my sludge computing devices. ( I bet I really lost some folks there) Basically, blog people, stop taking yourselves so seriously. Nothing you say can be that important if you're willing to let hundreds or thousands (if you're lucky) of unfiltered, unadulterated eyeballs slink onto your page and tear apart every single particle you happen to type. Anything worth saying is worth putting into responsible text.

Blogs on the internet are like those 'abstract' paintings you did in high school. Telling yourself people just don't 'appreciate your vision' does not mean you are a misunderstood artist. It means you haven't sold your shitty paintings the right way, to the right people. With enough useless gesticulation and novelty any Jackson Pollock wannabe can be...well...Jackson Pollock.
It just goes to show, it's not what you say, it's how you say it.

However, my macaroni sculptures are priceless ;)

So, I have therefore decided to throw my proverbial hat into the ring (waste of a good hat if you ask me). I will be bringing you an onslaught of useless rants, useful rants, random facts, calculated information, crying, explosive diarrhea,indie hipsters to beat up, a giant hamster bubble,and maybe some fun tidbit you can recount to your friends like you thought of it all by yourself (how cute :3).

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