Thursday, March 11, 2010


Oh, you....
Boys with guitars. Is there some rule somewhere that says no matter how dorky the boy (or the song) some girl, somewhere will swoon over him? I mean, yes, at times it can be very annoying to see that same kid in the tattered hoodie sitting on the lawn outside your dorm, singing like a parrot in a blender. But it's not always like that, there are some real gems of male musicians on every campus.

In my experience there are four classifications of what my male friends lovingly refer to as "acoustic guitar douches" or the "acoustadouche" (ah-coo-stah-doosh) if you will.

1) The guy who looks like Mclovin' and sounds like the aforementioned parrot: squawking, flat, and often painful to watch .

2) The guy who is a little more homely than the rest, but he actually has a semi-decent voice. The only reason he hasn't cut a record deal is he looks more like Glen Hansard than John Mayer.

3) There's the attention whore acoustadouche. He looks like Nick Jonas, never without a slouchy beanie even in 80 degree weather. He's in it purely for the ladies and plays the same two songs over and over, steadily growing louder with each repetition.

4) This guy has it all. Looks, repertoire, and a friendly attitude to boot. The only reason this guy (and possibly his friend on the bongos) hasn't been signed is because he plays purely for his own entertainment and would much rather finish art school first to design his own music label with his close knit group of equally artsy friends.
How can you tell the genuine from the Jonas? Your best bet is to take a look, listen...and you'll figure it out soon enough.

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