Thursday, March 31, 2011

Month Two

Friday March 11th-

Edwin spent most of the day smiling at daddy. He is very much awake during the day, napping only for an hour or so a few times a day. We are visiting Grandma Pam, so his schedule is a bit off from being in a new place. He is awake several hours of the night and is fussy. He also is ravenously hungry, so Grandma feeds him his bottle with a small scoop of infant cereal mixed in. It helps calm his tummy and puts him to sleep. We stay a week before I have to go back home for my 6 week check-up.

Tuesday March 15th-

Edwin has a rash on his face & neck. It might be from the dog landing on his face when we were visiting Grandma Pam, or simply from not being used to her house. It clears up more after a bath. He's very awake now, especially at night because of the time change. He's all smiles as well. He's 12 lbs at 6 weeks old!

Monday March 21st-
Edwin went for his first long walk in the stroller. He slept mostly,despite the bumps. We walked nearly an hour, until the sky started to darken & rain drops fell. We got home just as the storm broke.Edwin is talking so much. He gargles & coos, it feels like he could start talking at any moment, but he has a long time before he will form actual words of any sort.

Week of March 26& 27th to 30th-

We took Edwin for his hearing examination follow-up. They told us that he had mild hearing loss in his right ear, and moderate to severe loss in his left. It is most likely fluid or waxy build-up, but with the left being so much worse than the right I'm a bit concerned as to if there is an underlying physical cause such as problems with ear structure, etc. They also said he had no membrane movement of the left, even at louder sounds. His hearing is muffled on both and can only hear high pitched sounds from his left at very high volumes. It's scary to think your child isn't 'perfect' or even normal in their health, even if only for a short duration.

We visited Great great Grandma for a few hours to take a 'five generations' photo. Edwin slept well in the car, but was a bit cranky when we finally arrived. He cried and nursed several times, but Grandma was thrilled all the same to see us. I can't wait until he gets bigger and we visit with daddy also.

He has begun to sleep more through the night, in 3-4 hour stretches. I'm tempted to wake him up to eat, but for now he seems content so letting him sleep is a much better idea for the both of us :)

Thursday March 31st-

Edwin is 2 months old, nearly 14 lbs!

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