Monday, February 28, 2011

Month One

-February Week One
Edwin has slightly elevated levels of Jaundice, so we have to take him to get tested. This goes on for 3 days. He's not very fussy, he barely whines when they stab his heels. It's the squeezing of his feet to get the blood out that irritates him. He hates having his feet taken from him, perfectly stubborn like daddy. :P He screams & screams until mommy rubs his forehead to calm him down. He's really straining getting used to eating & using his digestive/endocrine system. Hopefully everything evens out soon, I hate seeing his face get so red.
-Sunday, Feb 11, 2011
Edwin rolled over from his front to his back, twice. He also got his very first bath today! He really liked it until it came time to wash his hair. Babies don't seem to like people messing with their heads very much. He's looking more & more like Bryan each day. He seems to have his own schedule all set. Sleep from 9pm-11pm\11-1am\1am-3am & awake every 20min from 3am-6am. It's a bit hectic, but he's really gaining weight.
-Thursday February 24th
Edwin begins to cry tears this week. As if him crying wasn't enough, now we get to see tears roll down those fat little cheeks as he strains. Trying out all sorts of new bottles & formulas to see what works best to have him in less pain. It's heartbreaking :( He's sleeping much more soundly, and is wearing size one diapers; his little newborn size can't keep up with how much he eats.
-Tuesday March 1st
Edwin screams with a high voice & puckers out his bottom lip to cry. He makes more cooing sounds, and follows faces. His gas gets better after we switch from super sensitive formula, to sensitive. He still gets confused about when it's time to eat & when it's time to wet his diaper. All stomach pains have him pushing until his face gets red. He spits up much more this week (had a nice spill all over his Uncle :D ). He's a super noisy sleeper now. He constantly grunts or makes horse noises. He snores all night.
-Wednesday March 2nd
Edwin is one month old!

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