Friday, February 1, 2013

Terrifically Two!: Monster Truck Birthday

As you may have guessed from the title, for Edwin's 2nd birthday he asked for "MONSTER TRUCKS!" (the words are never said without an air of drama) Without bowing to the easiness of grabbing a lot of pre-made black,red, and flames decorations, we had a lovely little party perfect for his attention span.
 Cake I refurbished from a camo bakery cake using ice cream toppings and gold sprinkles
Cupcakes by Madison

 "Track dirt" chocolate pudding, crumbled oreos, and marshmallow "boulders"
 Leftover oreos

 The Bathroom. Clever,eh?
 Dollar store treasure "Happy Birttday!"
 It was a very enjoyable party, Edwin got a brand new kitchen, blocks, and a great warm "Happy Birthday" from his whole family. He even sang the song to himself and blew out his candle like a pro.

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